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why don't i like myself Leah Benson Thearpy

3 Reasons Why You Don’t Like Yourself

Ever wondered, why don’t I like myself? Don’t worry. You’re not the only one. The “real” reasons you don’t like yourself go deeper. They’re more fundamental. And they go way back.

win at life - Leah Benson Therapy
Life Mastery

The Way To “Win” At Life

I’ll tell you simply. The way to win at life is to discover and give in to all the feelings in your body.

self confidence - Leah Benson Therapy
Self Confidence

How To Build Self Confidence

You want self confidence? That solid feeling of trust in who you are, what you can do, and the decisions you make? Here’s how you get it

How to Have Poise Photo of Katharine Hepburn

How To Have Poise

Who doesn’t want to have poise? To be able to feel life, but also to remain composed when things get crazy. So how do you get it? That magical ability to feel all the ups and downs of life, but maintain your cool in any given moment.

body-centered psychotherapy

Body-Centered Psychotherapy

What is body-centered psychotherapy, you ask? First off, it’s really weird. I’m not going to lie.

Why Successful People Go To Psychotherapy
Mental Health

Why Successful People Go To Psychotherapy

Successful people go to psychotherapy because they know that if they invest in themselves, they will be more effective at what they do, enjoy themselves more, and have more satisfying relationships with the important people in their lives.

Success is creating the life you want no matter what anybody else thinks you should do, and feeling happy. Written below a photo of the Alabama Hills

Success Defined

Success is creating the life you want no matter what anybody else thinks you should do, and feeling happy. Contact me now to set up …

addiction therapy tampa

How To Get Over An Addiction

Addiction So, you want to get over an addiction? You want to be free from the experience of being enslaved to a habit, a practice, …


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