Happiness is an Inside Job

Here’s why I say happiness is an inside job.

Happiness is a foundational state of contentment. It’s not a passing emotion that comes and goes like joy, confusion, or anger.
Happiness as your foundation needs to be a stable baseline.

Emotions, on the other hand, are like the weather. You get sunny days and stormy days. And you use the tools at your disposal to manage those storms.

Happiness is your emotional foundation is the rock upon which you stand. It is something that you want to be solid and constant. Ideally, a place of peace. A place from which you deal with the world, in all its ups and downs. A place you retreat to from the storms of life. A sanctuary in rest.

You see why I say happiness is an inside job.

That place must be built from within. The cracks must be repaired and the footings of your foundation reinforced.

Want that?

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