Love Takes Off Masks We Fear We Cannot Live Without and Know We Cannot Live Within

Pleasure Comes To Those Who Take Off Their Masks

Lenny Kravitz was on to something when he said, “Love can conquer any war.” That’s because when you love someone, your emotional armor comes off. You reveal your softness and you are vulnerable.

You might be afraid that you can’t live without that emotional armor, but really, you can’t live within it. That’s because in order to have joy, comfort and connections in your life, you have to be soft. Joy and comfort are only experienced in a supple and flexible body. Relationships only work when you are vulnerable.

The Body Reveals

Think about it. When you feel really good, are you tense and tight or relaxed and easygoing? Can you have a fulfilling relationship without revealing your authentic self?

A tight and inflexible body provides you the mask of toughness and invulnerability. And it protects you from harm. But it also denies you the pleasures of life.

Feeling is the movement of energy through your body. And if you can’t let go of the shell of invulnerability that protects you from pain, you will never experience the pleasurable movement of energy that is joy.

If your masks are denying you love and the pleasures of life, and you want some help getting rid of them, give me a call. We’ll talk and I’ll teach you how.

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