I’m not Afraid of Storms, for I’m Learning How to Sail my Ship

Navigating the seas of feeling

Early in life it was hard to ride the waves of your emotions without getting swamped. The feelings were so big and you were so small.

If you were lucky, there were grown-ups around you who taught you how to navigate the swells. But if you weren’t lucky, the grown-ups made it harder for you.

And if you weren’t lucky, you now live with the reality that it’s only a matter of time before anxiety, depression or anger overcomes you again.

Learn to ride the waves of your emotions.

But guess what! You can learn to handle those storms of emotion. Today. Right now.

Emotions are simply the sensation of energy moving in your body. They can be manipulated.

Now you can learn to modify your state. And you can build your capacity to tolerate intense feelings without running away from them or squeezing them deep inside yourself.

The tools are available and all you have to do is practice them. Give yourself that gift.

Want to learn more. Give me a call. We’ll talk and I’ll teach you.


Call me for your complimentary 15-minute phone consultation.

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