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Group therapy can provide you with nearly all the benefits of individual counseling at half the cost. You will also gain the advantage of forming strong bonds and lasting relationships with a group of people who know the “real you.” There is nothing more fulfilling. Group therapy is often understood as a supportive forum to discuss problems unfortunately, but here at Leah Benson Therapy, group therapy is always more than a supportive forum to discuss problems.


Group therapy is a powerful method to address anxiety, depression, anger, confidence issues or relationship conflict with a group of people who are working toward similar goals. By practicing new ways of thinking and being with others through intimate emotional contact, individual work with the therapist in front of the group, discussion, and bioenergetic exercises, our goal is to help you achieve emotional success and diminish feelings of loneliness and isolation.

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Through group therapy, you will work toward better relationships, increased self-control, greater peace of mind, and an establishment of a supportive network of people who know the “real you.” If you think you want to address anxiety, depression, anger, confidence issues or relationship conflict in individual therapy, know that you can also do so in group therapy, sometimes to greater effect since the group process can be such a powerful agent of change.


At Leah Benson Therapy, I want to help you successfully achieve your goal of change and speed it up through the power of group process. By developing a relationship with a group of people who are working toward similar goals and revealing similar vulnerabilities, you will also have the opportunity to take advantage of a built-in support group. People who go through emotionally taxing experiences together often form the strongest bonds. It is hard to avoid having this kind of bond with your group because of the type of work you will do and the vulnerability you will all experience together. Through group therapy, you can gain a supportive network of people who know the “real you” thereby diminishing any feelings of loneliness and isolation you have.

In addition, during group therapy sessions, other members’ issues and personalities will trigger your own issues. When that happens you will get to practice new ways of managing your feelings while remaining in contact with other people in an emotionally intimate way during conflict. Group therapy will allow you the advantage of learning from the life experiences of other people and will also allow you to learn from the work that other members do during the group.

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In each group therapy session, you can expect to discuss where you are emotionally, what you’re looking for, and any responses to previous sessions. Members will engage in bioenergetic exercises to connect mindfully to their bodies, breathe, ground and find their voices. If a theme appears during check-in, specific exercises may be applied that can help the group embody the emotions of that issue and feel their own experience of it. One group member may have an individual bioenergetic session in front of the group, depending on the interest of any one group member to do so. Other group members can be supportive in the session, depending on how the session goes. At the end of every session, we will have reflections and check out.

Group therapy is best for men and women who are ready for serious change. This group is not for the faint of heart. There will be deep self-exploration, movement, and emotionally intimate contact during each meeting.

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