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Intervention vs Deeper Issues
Psychotherapy Tampa

Tell Me About Your Mother (Just Kidding)

Today I want to answer the question, “If I come to you for therapy, will you make me tell you about my mother?” No… not ...
Rationalizing Away Your Emotions - photo of man hiding
Body Oriented Psychotherapy

Rationalizing Away Your Emotions – It’s No Big Deal, Right?

Every day, you feel all kinds of emotions, and to get along, you don’t express them. You “let it go”. If someone annoys you, you ...
What is Transference?
Mental Health

What is Transference?

What is transference and why should you care about it? Well, it means you are taking ideas and expectations from your past and putting them ...
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Anger Management

We Are Story-Making Machines

Why Revisiting Your History in Therapy Makes Your Life Better Today Sometimes it’s hard to understand the point of revisiting your history in therapy. I ...
Photo of woman doing yoga
Bioenergetic Analysis

The Difference Between Yoga and Bioenergetic Therapy

What is the difference between yoga and bioenergetic therapy? First of all, bioenergetic therapy is therapy. It’s a type of psychotherapy and it is based ...
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Why Therapy is a Mindfulness Practice and How it Benefits You

What is mindfulness? Right now, practicing mindfulness is all the rage. And what is mindfulness, exactly? It’s putting intentional focus on something you are doing. ...
Photo of Leah Benson, LMHC
Body Oriented Psychotherapy

Mind and Body are Not Separate

What does it mean, the mind and body are not separate? Basically, what that means is the mind influences the body, and the body influences ...
Photo of Leah Benson
Emotional Success

What is Perfection?

I had a conversation the other day and we talked about his experience of going to see a therapist. He always had this idea that ...
Photo of Leah Benson, LMHC
Bioenergetic Analysis

Do You Need to be Physically Fit to do Bioenergetics?

Effective Ways to Modify Bioenergetic Exercises to Suit Your Needs Do you have to be physically fit to do bioenergetic therapy or body-based psychotherapy? No, ...
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Peace of Mind

Learn How a Therapist can Inadvertently Steal Your Money

A while back, I wrote a blog explaining why therapists don’t answer questions, and while none of what I said in that blog has changed, ...

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