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Child Development

#WalkUpNotOut: Why Being Nice to the Next Mass Murderer Doesn’t Help

I’m not against kindness. But here’s the problem with #WalkUpNotOut. The kid who’s going to eventually kill a bunch of people is the kind of …

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Child Development

How Can a Kid Kill?

With all the speculation out there right now about “mental health” and its relationship to mass shootings, I decided to answer the question, how can …

build a confident kid
Adolescent Therapy

Build A Confident Kid

Ever had a hard time saying NO to someone you like because you don’t want to upset them or hurt their feelings?

children are annoying - Leah Benson Therapy
Adolescent Therapy

Children Are Annoying

Yes, children are annoying. They whine, they cry, they break stuff, they hassle you. You can’t get rid of them. They treat you like you’re their slave and they don’t appreciate anything you do.

You get what you give

You Get What You Give

“Child abuse like beating and humiliating not only produces unhappy and confused children, not only destructive teenagers and abusive parents but thus also a confused, …

Why Children Think Parents are Put on this Earth to Make Them Happy

Why Children Think Parents are Put on this Earth to Make Them Happy

While it may be true that parents aren’t put on this earth to make their children happy for most of a child’s life, for the first year and sometimes longer, that is exactly what parents are put on this earth to do.

Can I Make My Kid Gay?

Can I Make My Kid Gay?

Having heard someone wonder if they were turning their child gay, I decided to address the question. Can I make my kid gay?

The Problem with Rich Kids
Adolescent Therapy

The Problem with Rich Kids

In the current issue of Psychology Today, the author, Dr. Suniya Luthar, describes  what she calls, “The problem with rich kids.” These youth have everything they could ever want materially, but they also have higher rates of substance use, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, cheating and stealing than ever.


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