Self-Acceptance Increases Your Capacity for Sexy Feelings
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Sexuality Improves with Self-Acceptance

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Sexuality Improves with Self-Acceptance

By definition, sexuality is your capacity for sexual feelings. So why will self-acceptance improve your capacity for sexual feelings?

Because self-acceptance means that you are comfortable with all the sensations and emotions generated by your body. Most people have trouble accepting all the feelings in their body. They create muscular armor to avoid certain feelings. Ones like sadness, anger, hatred, and longing.

Your muscular armor might help you avoid awareness of uncomfortable feelings. However, when you do that, you will also cut off pleasurable feelings.

Sexual feelings are always pleasurable feelings. But without the capacity to accept “negative” feelings in your body, you will be cut off from the pleasurable ones as well.

If you want to improve your capacity for sexual feelings, you must accept all your feelings.

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