Want to Feel Happiness & Peace of Mind? Seize the Day!
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Seize the Day

Color photo of rainbow over San Francisco bay with the words, "Seize the Day"

Seize the Day

Want a life where you start doing what you want to do, stop doing what you don’t want to do, and feel happiness and peace-of-mind? Then seize the day.

What I mean by that is, be mindful of where you are. Take care to be conscious of the moments you are in when you are in them.

Mindfulness is the foundation of all the routes to happiness there are on earth, and by seizing the day, you will be practicing mindfulness. This will bring you closer to the happiness and peace-of-mind you seek.

Want to learn how to get better at seizing the day and feeling more peaceful and happy? Check out my best-selling book, Emotional Utopia. Or give me a call. We’ll talk.


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