Protect Your Heart Health by Improving Your Relationships

Study showed that strong relationships protect your heart.

Protect your heart. Improve your relationships.

A study done by Dr. Stewart Wolf, a cardiologist, of the inhabitants of the town of Roseto, Pennsylvania, in the 1960s, demonstrated that the instability of emotional relationships creates stress that can have a damaging effect on the heart.

Roseto is a town of about 1,630 people, mostly Italian, located about sixty miles from New York City. Wolf was drawn to it in the first place because its inhabitants suffered only one-third as many heart attacks as people in surrounding communities although their diet and their cholesterol levels were about the same.

What protected these people against heart disease?

The most significant difference, Wolf noted, was the quality of Roseto’s community life. The family was the focus of daily life, and the town’s inhabitants still lived according to the social customs and traditions that had prevailed in their former homeland. This focus on maintaining the integrity of family relationships favored a style of life that avoided conflict and marital discord.

Excerpt from Love, Sex, and Your Heart by Alexander Lowen

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