Physical Ailments Correlate With Emotional Issues - Leah Benson Therapy
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Ailments Have Correlating Emotional Issues

Photo of the Alabama Hills with the quote, "Ailments have Correlating Emotional Issues"

Ailments Have Correlating Emotional Issues

Understanding the connection between physical ailments and emotional issues can be as simple as understanding that depression will lower your metabolism.

A good way to alleviate the symptoms of depression is by breathing more, and more deeply. This will also increase your metabolism, as the extra oxygen in your body makes your cellular metabolism speed up. This not only increases your metabolism, but makes you feel better. You have more energy and you feel calmer.

Knowing this simple correlation gives you a good idea of how addressing emotional issues can help your physical health improve, even if you are not going to therapy for the specific purpose of improving your physical health, which I would never advise doing.

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