How To Get Peace Of Mind

You want peace of mind? Great! No problem. All you have to do is:

Acknowledge and accept ALL your feelings, ALL the time.

Some people call this “embracing your shadow.” I’m OK with that description because it doesn’t really matter what name you give the process; what’s important is that you do it.

One thing you want to understand about your “shadow” is that it’s not simply the part of yourself that you know about that you don’t generally show other people or the part that comes out when you feel provoked in just the right way. Your shadow is the part of you that you are completely unaware of. It is the invisible driver of your conscious behaviors. In other words, it’s your “unconscious,” which means you literally have no conscious knowledge of it. For some, that part is weak and clingy. For others, it’s murderous and out-of-control. And almost always, it’s filled with “outrageous” sexual desires.

So, if your goal in reading this was to learn about achieving peace of mind, you might now be wondering. Well, that’s nice. So how do I get peace of mind? Good question.

How do you acknowledge and learn to accept all your feelings and “embrace your shadow?”

Here’s how. Since your shadow reveals itself at times of stress, one of the ways to see it is to create moments of “stress” in a controlled setting and see how you react. Your reaction to that stress gives you a glimpse of your shadow.

Let me explain with an example. If I ask you to do some physical movements that are painful and your reaction to them is to be irritated and dismiss them as stupid, even after you have paid me as an expert who knows what she is doing and knows it will be helpful to you, then your shadow harbors anger and disdain for authority.

Your likely response to my interpretation of this is a denial of the idea that what I am saying is true. You will deny feeling anger and disdain. That denial is the denial of sensation in your body that you have just experienced and I have just witnessed. When you deny awareness of sensation in your body, you are cut off from your “real” self. When you are cut off from your “real” self, you are not acknowledging your feelings. You remain trapped in a cycle of denying the physical sensations in your body and therefore denying your SELF. And you will never have peace of mind. Ready to begin your path to peace of mind? Call me, we’ll talk.

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