Calm Down – There’s Nothing Wrong with You, It’s All in Your Head
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Calm Down – There’s Nothing Wrong with You. It’s All in Your Head

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Calm Down – There’s Nothing Wrong with You. It’s All in Your Head

Stop worrying, they say.

Ever had the experience that everybody thinks your pain or distress is “all in your head?”

What a terrible feeling.

Not only do you feel terrible, but you’re all alone because nobody cares how you feel. In fact, they think you’re overreacting.

Here are some of the reasons that happens.

  1.  Woman are more than likely than men to have their pain minimized by the medical profession.
  2. Chronic inflammation often has no specific origin. And time is money so figuring out your problem is not cost effective.
  3. Everybody has their own problems. They don’t have time to listen to yours.

Not that any of those reasons are good reasons to ignore your pain. They are just the reality.

So, let’s explore that reality. In all three cases, you are left alone with your pain.

Sometimes it means that you are in the emergency room longer than you should be before you get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

Sometimes it means that you live with chronic pain because no one can figure out its origin.

In the worst-case scenario, it means that by the time anyone bothers to notice, you have a life-threatening illness that could have been caught and treated earlier but now you’re going to die because they thought you were overreacting when you said, “I know something isn’t right inside me.”

Always it means that no one cares about you as much as you need to be cared for. And that’s a problem.

Whether you have a life-threatening illness or not, when you feel alone and scared, things are always worse.

The most important thing for you to know in this situation is that having someone in your life who sees and feels your pain and/or fear, helps lower your stress level and puts your body in a better physiological state to heal.

So, whatever the problem, finding a connection to a caring “other” is an important piece of your healing. Because in isolation, we suffer more deeply, we heal more slowly and we die more quickly.

You may not have a simple problem, but isolation will only make the problem worse. If no one else will take the time for you, make sure you give yourself the gift of finding a community who cares.

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