Enjoy Life More with this 5-Minute Exercise

How often have you been in a beautiful place and been unable to enjoy where you are?

You’re Here in Body, but Your Mind is Somewhere Else.

Well, that happens because you’re not really here. You are not focusing on the beauty around you. You are somewhere else inside your mind, thinking about something else; wondering what is going on at work or feeling like a terrible person for some unknown reason.

How Can You Enjoy Life if You’re Not Really Here?

Let’s say you have a habit of being unable to enjoy beautiful places and good company. Well, mindfulness can help you enjoy them and you can do that by a simple practice of paying attention to your five senses.

The Practice of Paying Attention to Your 5 Senses

Set a timer of one minute. Notice one of your senses for one minute and then move to the next sense. As you notice each of your senses, take in what it’s like to experience the things you see, hear, feel, smell or taste.

    1. What do you see?  Birds flying, children playing.
    2. What do you hear? Water slapping against the side of the boat, a jet ski going by.
    3. What do you feel?  I feel the wind against my skin, I feel the sun warming my face, I feel the movement of the boat.
    4. What do you smell? Barbecue, I smell the water, but, it’s hard to describe.
    5. What do you taste?  I taste my beverage, I taste the salt on these chips. Notice what these taste like. It’s as simple as that.


If You Want to Enjoy What You’re Doing, Be Fully Immersed in It

When you intentionally focus on something as simple as your five senses, your brain gets better at being where you are and being able to take in what’s going on around you. Doing this simple 5-minute mindfulness practice will help you be more in the here and now, and less in the machinations of the past or future. Being more present allows you the opportunity to enjoy life more.

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