Do I Have Low EQ? (Emotional Intelligence)


Here’s how to tell if you have low Emotional Intelligence

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People with low emotional intelligence

show several tell-tale signs:

  1. They are unable to accurately read the emotions of others.
    • Do you lack specific skills necessary to predict the emotional responses of other people?
    • Are you failing to pick up on social cues that broadcast emotional information that are obvious to those with EQ?
  2. They are not in control of how they react to their feelings.
    • People with low emotional intelligence do not know how to deal appropriately with their emotions.
    • Their emotions tend to be exaggerated, because they lack the skill to soothe themselves.
    • Negative emotions also lead to poor decision-making in those with low EQ.
    • Those that are easily stressed are often suffering from low EQ
  3. They behave and speak inappropriately.
    • If you’re emotionally intelligent, you understand that some things are appropriate, and others are not. Inappropriate behavior and speech are common occurrences in those with low emotional intelligence.
  4. They lack the ability, or interest, in sympathizing or empathizing with others.
    • If you’re low in EQ, it is difficult, if not impossible to help others emotionally with their challenges. Everyone requires support, empathy, and understanding from time to time.
  5. They often lack assertiveness.
    • Do you know what you want? Are you open about your wants and needs? Can you ask for what you want? Those low in emotional intelligence will answer “no” to those questions.
  6. They generally have poor self-control.
    • This is related to poor emotional control and inappropriate behavior. Impulsive behavior is a common sign of low emotional intelligence.
emotional intelligence

Fortunately, emotional intelligence is highly alterable. Unlike your IQ, your EQ can be raised through education and effort. You can literally train yourself to be more emotionally intelligent.

Some people are born into emotionally intelligent families and gain emotional intelligence without having to work at it. Unfortunately, others have to make an effort to learn this important set of skills later in life.

What this means is that you can greatly improve your ability to have successful relationships.

emotional intelligence

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