Why You’ll Never be Elegant if You’re not Emotionally Healthy

photo of audrey hepburn with text, Elegance is when the Inside is as Beautiful as the Outside

Elegance is When the Inside is as Beautiful as the Outside.

Actually, elegance is dignified ease and suppleness in appearance, movement, or behavior. And it is impossible to be elegant unless your inside is as beautiful as your outside.

Alexander Lowen said, “A healthy person is really characterized by a body that’s alive and vital. Eyes that shine, a voice that resonates, a manner that’s soft, a sense of grace, and character that’s dignified and not dominated by its ego, with a sense of humility when he talks about things.”

You Can’t be Elegant if You’re not Emotionally Healthy

Emotional ailments always have corresponding physical manifestations. There will be distortions in the body that make ease and suppleness of appearance, movement and behavior impossible.

When your throat is constricted to hold back rage, your will voice be strident and unmelodious. If your pelvis is blocked to prevent sensation from leaving that area, your gait is stiff and your movement awkward. When your heart is protected from vulnerability, your interactions with others will be superficial and hollow.

How to be Elegant

Simply put. Get rid of the rigidity, flaccidity or spasticity of your muscles and organs and you will be elegant. Your appearance, movement and behavior will change dramatically.

But be warned. The emotional and physical work you will have to do to change the current characteristics of your body attitude are tremendous. For some more than others, depending on where you start. But it is possible. And if you want it, I can help. Give me a call and we’ll talk.


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