Do You Need to be Physically Fit to do Bioenergetics?

Effective Ways to Modify Bioenergetic Exercises to Suit Your Needs

Do you have to be physically fit to do bioenergetic therapy or body-based psychotherapy? No, you don’t. If you have a major injury or something you need to be cautious about protecting, then you need to do so. But the ways of opening up your breathing and finding a way to ground your body can both be modified. So, no matter what your physical capabilities, there are effective ways to modify bioenergetic exercises to suit your needs.

Expansive Breathing Exercise

If I suggest to use an exercise ball to open up your breathing, you can substitute a stack of pillows. You put a stack of two or three pillows on the floor and lean backwards over them. You don’t have to be physically fit to do this exercise.

The Grounding Pose

If you want to do the grounding pose and you are concerned about your equilibrium, do the grounding pose in a place where you can sit down on a couch easily. Do the pose with the back of your calves against a couch, for instance.

Pounding Exercise

Let’s just say I suggest pounding in order to discharge aggressive energy. Some of the ways I suggest that you do that is by using your forearms. Well, in order to protect your hands you might want to wear gloves before you pound on a bed, sofa or other soft surface. You never want to pound on anything that’s going to cause you injury or that’s too hard.

Be Creative

Your ability to use your body within its limitations is only limited by your imagination. If you need help coming up with alternative ways to do bioenergetic exercises, give me a call. I can help you with that.

Call me for your complimentary fifteen-minute phone consultation.

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