Can I Make My Kid Gay - Leah Benson Therapy
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can i make my kid gay - Lea Benson Therapy

Can I Make My Kid Gay

Having heard someone wonder if they were turning their child gay, I decided to address the question. Can I make my kid gay? The short answer is, no. Whether you believe that sexual orientation is genetically determined, a choice, or neither, thinking that you can do anything about who your child is ultimately attracted to is naïve at best, and harmful to your child’s self concept at worst. More important for you to recognize is that in asking the question, you reveal a bias against a same sex love interest by your child. When you do that, you are setting them up for a lifetime of battles against depression, anxiety, relationship problems and self doubt.

Your child’s self concept starts with you. You are a mirror for your child. When you reflect rejection, your child will reject himself. When you reflect acceptance of what you see, your child will accept himself.

Overcoming any difficulty you have about who your child loves (or might love) and how they love (or might love), and letting go of how you think what they are doing reflects on you is more important than anything else you can give them. In the end, they are going to develop the attachments and connections that make them feel good, no matter what your difficulties are with what they are doing. Give your child what they need more than anything else to be successful in life. Give them your unconditional acceptance of their feelings.

Society may tell your child that something is wrong with them, but your refusal to agree will shield them, provide them with confidence and allow them to move forward in life with ease. Don’t let your difficulty become your child’s stumbling block. Find out why you worry if your child might be gay. Call me. Let’s talk.