A Simple Practice to Build Clarity on What’s Right for You

Why You Don’t Have Clarity

It’s hard to have clarity on what to do in your life when the answers as to what’s right come from outside you. Knowing your path can only come from inside. But if you don’t have a connection to your insides, then you are never going to get the clarity you want.

No one else can tell you what’s right for you. You can follow the prescribed paths of what is “right.” But it doesn’t mean that it’s right for you. And when you’ve followed prescribed paths for too long, you have severely limited your capacity to see what’s right for you, much less believe in your choices. It’s a natural outcome of suppressing your impulses in the service of achieving goals. Which is not a bad thing, unless that’s ALL you can do.

Letting go of the “Have To”

Being able to let go of your “have to” can be tough. Especially when your ability to achieve has built your confidence. But what about when you’re not doing what you’re “supposed” to do? Then what? Does your confidence from achieving transfer to your ability to choose for yourself? Can you enjoy life without a task to complete?

Without following someone else’s prescribed path, I bet you’re lost. You’re bored. You’re looking for the next thing to achieve, but you’re not sure how that achievement will be useful in your life. And without a prescription, you’re wandering.

Be Your Own Authority

The only way you’re going to get clarity and experience your achievements as meaningful is to be your own authority. To do that, you must tune into your impulses and act on them.

That’s not to say you should be irresponsible. It means that you start a practice that allows you to fully notice and act upon your impulses.

This practice can be as simple as paying attention to your feelings when you make a choice about what food you want, or what clothing you feel like wearing. When you practice in simple ways like this, you build your capacity to notice the sensations in your body that motivate your choices. It is this capacity to notice your sensations that is the foundation of being your own authority. It is also the trick to having clarity on the bigger things in your life.

What having clarity looks like

When you are authentically motivated by your own impulses, you will have the clarity you are looking for. You will be able to make choices about what’s right for you, and you will know why you make the choices you make. The things you do will not be a mystery to you.

Any pushback you get from others to conform to their standards will be easy to stand up to because you are confident in your own choices. Ridicule or humiliation used to try and sway your decisions will be weak against your confidence.

Clarity looks like a life where you enjoy what you’re doing because you know why you’re doing it and it has meaning for you. Your choices are in line with the overall goals you have for your life. You are happy and life is not boring or routine.

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