white text on black background depicting the definition of Mindfulness

Mindfulness – Not Just for Hippies

Mindfulness is a buzzword right now. It calls up images of “seekers” sitting cross legged and touching their fingertips. But really, you can practice mindfulness anywhere, any time. Quite simply,

Photo of Leah Benson with the text, Physiological Integration. YouTube symbol also shown.


Learn To Cool Your Jets Through Integration of Your Brain The best, and simplest way to achieve peace of mind or improve your relationships is to focus on integrating the

photo of Waddell Creek Beach, CA with a quote about body language

Body Language: The Original Mother Tongue

Sometimes there are no words, just a feeling That’s because the communications of the body are your original mother tongue. Before you spoke using words, you communicated via eye contact,

pensive attractive young women dealing with a breakup. LEAH BENSON THERAPY logo shown

How to Get Over a Breakup That You Wanted

Getting over a breakup can be difficult You wanted to break up. You know they’re the wrong person. But waiting for all the feelings you have to subside after the

Photo of a burnt tree trunk with the text, An Absence of Feeling is Pathological

An Absence of Feeling is Pathological

It’s not “tough” to feel nothing Healthy relationships, a healthy body and a joyful life require that you feel. An absence of feeling is no asset to these. The “tough

Photo of Seine River in Paris with boats and a bridge. Quote by Alexander Lowen, "Criticizing from the point of view of a dogma is the sign of a closed mind"

The Sign of a Closed Mind

Criticizing from the point of view of a dogma is the sign of a closed mind. Do you have a closed mind? Dogma: An unyielding set of rules established by

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