Deep Breath Makes Life. Leah Benson Therapy. Photo of rose petals on brick path.

Deep Breath Makes Life

Take a Deep Breath When you take a deep breath, do your chest and belly expand? Little secret. Most of the time when you think you are taking a deep

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Stress Makes You Sick – Literally

Stress and Cancer are Related I read an article recently by a guy named Dr. Doolittle. He wrote it for the Stanford Center for Integrative medicine. And in it, he

Stress and Cancer YouTube video by Leah Benson Therapy

Stress and Cancer are Related

Recently, I read an article by Mark J. Doolittle, PhD. He wrote it for the Stanford Center for Integrative Medicine. And in it, he wrote of studies that reveal a

Joy is your Birthright. Photo of a bee and flower.

Joy is your Birthright

Loosen up and feel joy All feelings are your birthright. Joy happens to be one that you lose as you age. That’s because you tighten up against the pain and

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