What is Emotional Fitness? A YouTube video.

What is Emotional Fitness?

Let’s use physical fitness as an analogy to understand what emotional fitness is. What is Physical Fitness? Physical fitness is: Strength Flexibility Agility Physical Strength – the ability to pick

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We Are Story-Making Machines

Why Revisiting Your History in Therapy Makes Your Life Better Today Sometimes it’s hard to understand the point of revisiting your history in therapy. I get it. It’s the past.

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What are Bioenergetic Exercises?

Bioenergetics is a way of understanding personality in terms of the body and its energetic processes… Bioenergetics is also a form of therapy that combines work with the body and

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4 Ways to Reduce Anxiety Right Now

I want to talk to you about anxiety and 4 simple things you can do to reduce anxiety right now. So first off, let’s look at anxiety from a physiological

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Pounding – A Bioenergetic Exercise

Releasing Tension Pounding exercises are designed to help you release pent-up energy. Before you pour a drink or turn on the TV after work, try these exercises. They will bring

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