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Therapist v. Life Coach. What’s the diff?

Not too long ago, I listened to a segment on National Public Radio about the “explosion” of life coaches that has occurred in the last 10 years. The show explored

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Why Do Kids Act That Way?

Whether or not you have kids, you have probably found yourself asking at one point or another, why do kids act that way? Inevitably, some behavior, of some child, at some point is a mystery.

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How To Get Over An Addiction

So you want to get over an addiction, eh? You want to be free from the experience of being enslaved to a habit, a practice, or something that is psychologically

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What is The Unconscious?

In psychotherapy, “the unconscious” is a thing, it is not the physical state of being passed out. It is commonly referred to as the “subconscious,” and it is a part of your mind that is not accessible to you at a conscious level.

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What is Psychotherapy at Leah Benson Therapy

When you Google, “what is psychotherapy,” you will find that the first entry out of more than 29 million search results is this simple definition, “the treatment of mental disorder by psychological rather than medical means.” While this definition is partly accurate, it doesn’t help you understand what it is that a therapist will be doing with you in therapy.

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Why Self Help Books Are Not Psychotherapy

Thinking you will get therapeutic results by reading self help books is like thinking you will see a change in your body by reading a book about working out. Getting fit or sculpting your body requires you to take action, and so does overcoming an emotional difficulty or becoming a master of your emotional universe.

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