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What Is Trauma?

When you think, “trauma,” I bet you picture the emergency room in a hospital. Head injuries, blood, stuff like that. While that is definitely trauma, it’s not what we mean in the therapy world.

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Why YOU Need Child Therapy, Not Your Kid

Here’s the deal. Your child does not exist in a vacuum. In fact, if your child is under the age of six, they are living in a what is basically a hypnotized state of mind, and are downloading everything from “authorities” in their life without question…

The Importance of Forgiveness and Getting Over It

The Importance of Forgiveness and “Getting Over It”

John Gray of Mars/Venus fame tells us something Oprah once said to him in an interview; one of the biggest reasons forgiveness and “getting over it” are so important is that “when you hang on to anger or resentment, you are giving someone ‘free rent’ in your brain to torment you.”

The Mind: A Psychotherapist's Perspective

The Mind: A Psychotherapist’s Perspective

Let’s face it, the mind is a pretty vague concept. Unlike the kidneys, the liver or the heart, practically no one has the same definition of what the mind is and what it does. So, here’s what the mind is from my perspective.

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