child's fortress = adult prison text written over photo of Paris basement

Child’s Fortress = Adult Prison

Don’t Let Your Childhood Fortresses Become Your Adult Prisons When we are children, we build psychological fortresses to protect ourselves from feeling helpless, overwhelmed, or afraid of what’s going on

Healthy Self-Confidence

How To Improve Your Self-Confidence

Let’s face it, improving your self-confidence is not an easy task. You are going to have to change your brain significantly in order to achieve it. Changing your brain takes

Ego quote from Freud superimposed on photo of windsurfers at Waddell Creek Beach

The Ego

Your ego is your individual interface with the world. It resides not only in your mind, but is experienced by you and revealed to the world in your body. To

Your Shadow, Leah Benson Therapy Psychotherapy Services

Your Shadow

Your shadow is the part of you that you are completely unaware of. It is the invisible driver of your conscious behaviors. In other words, it’s your “unconscious.” Which means Blog Post therapy here and now

Here and Now

As John Gray says, “What You Feel, You Can Heal”. Allowing yourself to feel troubling emotions with a therapist is challenging. Body-based psychotherapy provides a method to access feelings quickly.

stop excessive thought with Leah Benson Therapy

Excessive Thought

How to Stop Excessive Thought & Feel Life! Excessive thought can be a harmful obsession that impacts your ability to live in the present. Body Psychotherapy can help you experience

lose your mind with body-oriented psychsotherapy in Tampa

Lose Your Mind

 “Leah uses a diverse array of techniques that have really helped me. From traditional to bioenergetics–her methods are highly effective. Her ability to empathize and then integrate that into a

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