Photo of St Pete Beach with quote, "Deep change is much more than finding a comfortable role or playing better games."

Deep Change Comes From Within

Deep Change is Much More Than Finding a Comfortable Role or Playing Better Games Going to therapy to get better at playing the role of good husband, good wife, bread winner,

Group Therapy video and blog by Leah Benson Therapy

Why Group Therapy?

Supercharge your confidence and overall self-improvement goals through Group Therapy When most people think of therapy, they don’t generally think of group therapy, which is unfortunate because group therapy is

Young boy pointing a toy pistol near the camera. Text says LEAH BENSON THERAPY

How Can a Kid Kill?

With all the speculation out there right now about “mental health” and its relationship to mass shootings, I decided to answer the question, how can a kid kill? To be

Photo of father and son at Anclote State Park. Quote, "Strong People are Tolerant People"

Strong People are Tolerant People

The truest test of your strength is revealed in your ability to tolerate intense feelings and refrain from acting on them in hurtful ways, toward yourself or anyone else.  The

Photo of man on horse with mule in tow.

Self-Possession is the Only Real Possession

Self-possession is the state or feeling of being calm, confident, and in control of your feelings and composure. You only have one real possession, and that is yourself. If you

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Emotional Utopia Book by Leah Benson, Tampa Licensed Psychotherapist

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