Bioenergetic Exercise Class – Building Elan

So, what if I were to tell you that there’s an exercise class designed to improve your emotional life and your relationships?

Well, there is one, and it’s called a bioenergetic exercise class.

Want to stop feeling stressed out, depressed and lifeless?
Sick of feeling robbed of your natural energy and vitality?

I am here to invite you to my bioenergetic exercise class. In this class, you will learn to relax, let go of the constrictions caused by your daily routine, access your natural energy and get connected – or reconnected – to your positive feelings, sense of purpose and passion in life.

What is Bioenergetic Exercise?

Well, simply put, it’s a way to increase your energy, reconnect to your vitality, and improve your self-confidence.
It is not about building muscle, losing fat or increasing your cardio capacity. Although some of that might happen. It’s not a competition or even something you try to get good at.

This Bioenergetic Exercise class is about:

Depending on the exercise, you will work individually, in pairs, or as a whole group, Unless of course, we are meeting online. Obviously, the virtual class only affords the opportunity to work individually.

What is the Goal in this Class?

The goal in this bioenergetic exercise class is for you to start noticing and getting comfortable with expressing emotions you notice in yourself as you engage in the exercises. By noticing, you are increasing your capacity to be mindful of yourself. And from that place of mindfulness, you will be able to understand and control your impulses – to speak, to move, or whatever your impulse might be.

Do I Need Experience to Attend this Class?

No, you do not need any experience to attend this class. You can’t really do the exercises incorrectly. In fact, one of the only rules of the class is that you let go of the idea that there is a “right” way to do the exercises. During class, I will be with you every step of the way. You’ll be in a safe and supportive environment. And as I said, you can’t really do it wrong as long as you are being true to the impulses in your body.

So, if you’re ready to breathe deeply, move freely, feel fully, stop feeling stressed out, exhausted, or overwhelmed by life, then click HERE. This link will give you details about when and where this class is happening.

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